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"Introspection" and "absolute" and "inspection" "ZhuanJian" "check"

       Wu305 company to introduce Germany, walter, HELITRONIC POWER and so on five axis tool grinding machine, provide quality assurance for a variety of difficult tool. Specializing in the production of solid carbide drill bits, ladder drill, composite milling reamer, vertical milling cutter, boring cutter, spiral end mill, oil drilling, levorotatory reamer, PCB drilling, CNC milling cutter, carpentry trimming knife suit, woodworking milling cutters, HSS drill, HSS end mill, drill steps. Motorcycle, special cutting tools, compressors, water heater and all kinds of cutting tools for machining center, abides by the contract, our factory quality practice the "three guarantees", do, timely delivery, welcome to visit our company or the order.
Quality principles:
1. The high quality product is made by high quality people.
2. Strictly implement "self-check" and "absolute" "inspection" "ZhuanJian" always check "system," believe in "customer" of next working procedure "products zero defect" principle.
3. The quality department to do work "fire", don't do "JiuHuoShi work". To nip in the bud, and to do a good job of "too late".
Three main quality leadership:
1. There is no excuse for: we can forgive mistakes, but can't forgive an excuse.
2. Never delay: never put off till tomorrow work, effective immediately.
3. Explorations responsibility: mainly responsible for the director to, post responsibility at all levels. host "Open, fair, fair" style of work.

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